21 June 2008


This season I've already escorted several demo ride enthusiasts during KYMCO's dealer demo ride days—I'm the KYMCO adventure ride hostess leading groups on a predetermined scenic variable speed route in order for them to get a real taste of what riding a KYMCO really feels like. You see, in Canada you just can't get a test ride on a bike you're interested in—in The Netherlands, you simply go to the dealership, but down your credit card, take out a bike for an hour or so –no problem. Not here, the only opportunity is during a demo day where pretty much all the importers provide them during season hosted by a dealership.

One of the highlights for me of the demo ride is when the rider dismounts after we’ve returned and I hear their positively astonished excitement at the power, agility and operational ease these 150cc, 200cc or 500cc motorbikes create. What's also fun is when experienced riders just can't get their head around the fact that its ‘automatic', no shifting--yes indeed just “twist and go” and believe me, they go!

Riders consider that a 150cc KYMCO scooter such as my Bet & Win (as it's called) is suggested to be a replacement for your current motorcycle—not at all. Adding a KYMCO scooter to your riding pleasure is simply what I refer to as expanding your motorcycling wardrobe. I use my KYMCO in the city, and on shorter highway trips —also track side as an alternative method to getting around; I bring it along in my trailer. Motorcyclists ultimately should have an array of motorcycles to fit their riding mood. A sport bike for high speed performance, an off road bike for the dirt/trail riding, a cruiser for touring cross-country and so forth. And even if you're not yet able to add a KYMCO to your motorcycling wardrobe, they're ever more interesting to the average automobilist fed up with spiked gasoline costs of recent--the prices are causing everyone to consider of alternatives—enter KYMCO! Makes a lot of sense, for so many reasons where the final outcome is quite simply... super fun!

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