27 October 2011

Barred as Offensive Aprilia Motorcycle Advert Objectifies Women

It’s still, yes, still a man’s world and even more so, sadly, in the motorcycling sector. Though a reported 86% of household spending is decided upon by the woman of the house- this doesn’t seem to inspire motorcycle advertisers to do better. Furthermore, the fact that women riders represent over 25% of rider populations still doesn’t encourage good advertisements depicting women as riders over objectifying us.
Here is an advert placed in the Spring of this year by Italian motorcycle manufacturer Aprilia. The adverts’ life wasn’t long as it was forced deletion following complaints from the Women’s Institute of Spain, whose advertising monitoring sector considered it to be sexist. The ads' translation: “The Arrecife Range: Now several sizes smaller” literal translation “scale Reef: now several heights less”.
Arrecife literally translated as a noun meaning:
1. Causeway, a road paved with stone; mole. (m)
2. A reef, ridge of hidden rocks lying close under the surface of the water.
Masculine noun 1. reef Arrecife de coral -> coral reef.
It could further be their ploy to play us against our own gender, to create that competitive desire by seeing “us” in their adverts – the object of desire. In the aim of attracting the simple(r) minds of men but all the while playing on our female to female pecking order and hunger for rank above each other.
Nonetheless, I don’t approve and am thankful the advert was pulled- it is crude and terribly demeaning. An open mind I proudly possess yet the degradation and objectifying of women in media prevents our advances for equality and respect.
Thank you Women’s Institute Spain- you caught this one fast for us!

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Dar said...

totally agree with you on this. This attitude affects every aspect of female motorcycling right down to the types of bikes they market for women, the lack of gear available and what we see at motorcycle shows with scantilly clad girls sitting on a bikes. Seriously this is so neanderthal. It makes me angry and not want to buy the product they are flogging. I resent that we are judged like this and I resent that they don't take women riders seriously. It is amazing to me that they don't get it still. In my riding class of ten, six of us were women and according to those I have spoken with about this agree that they are seeing more women taking up the sport. So motorcycle companies hear me when I tell you that if you objectify women and not take us seriously in regards to motorcycle and moto product marketing I choose not to buy your products and will encourage my motoing sisters to do the same.