2 April 2011

That’s The Way Love “Rolls”

I confess, and it’s no secret that I’m in love with motorcycling! Nothing else to date has succeeded to top this passion. You can’t break us up and in fact I’ve a license as a full endorsement of the relationship – a marriage license of sorts! We’ve shared thousands of kilometres between us and stayed together through the “rough patches” and catastrophes such as crashes on the track. We’ve moved to different continents and adjusted our methods through different variations of the bond. The day we first met is still a perfect memory. It was in Nova Scotia while stationed for a short term business position. I was shy and excited by a somewhat intimidated perception but it seemed so powerful and oh so intriguing! After the initial introductions and we got to know each other better, we partnered up, hit the road and never looked back except to check blind spots!
So I thought I’d see where others stand on the matter although I pretty much knew most would share the same passion that I do. I decided to use my social network on facebook which is 95% made up of motorcyclists to see what others really felt. I posted an update status question that asked: Would u say you have feelings of 'love' for your motorcycle? Would you say it has a life or personality of its own with an anthropomorphic tendency for your ride? The responses were overwhelming! One reply stated “It sure does. It's a part of me. I talk to it like it’s real and feel bad during the winter and it sits all by itself in the garage!” Another expressed “I definitely feel like there's a connection between me and my bike! I talk to her, pet her... and I "feel" her when I ride, especially at the track! She becomes part of me and me a part of her!” There was “YES!!! I love riding” and “I love love love my bike!!” and then just a simple response of “I do. I do. I do!”  
All of us remember the moment when we officially purchased and then picked up our first motorcycle and when it really becomes ours! We also remember and for some too many occasions of regret at situations when we had to sell a bike or trade it in for an upgrade. I’ll also bet that every rider has at least one photo of their motorcycle in their smart phone! I still have the key to my first sport bike. I told the person who purchased the bike from me I had lost the spare key just so I could keep a small memento! It was the key from my 1987 Honda Hurricane CBR600. I had to sell it because I was moving to the Caribbean. The other motorcycle “divorce” that still causes me pain, was my recent move to Canada. Customs would not allow me to bring my 1995 Ducati 900SSE due to emission and engine issues.
Motorcycling seems also to make love happen. So many friends I know met their partners during a motorcycle trip or event of some sort. The shared camaraderie removes a lot of social barriers that normally stand between everyday potential casual encounters. The renowned “biker’s wave” already symbolizes our kinship with each other. Could you imagine what reactions would occur if we waved at every one else in an auto?
The best motorcycle love story I’ve heard was shared with me during my Daytona Bike week and while filming our TLC biker girls show. We were co-hosting the largest “biker wedding vow renewal ceremony”. Motorcycle couples had gathered in the hundreds aiming to set the new record for this special ceremony. Our view from the stage was thrilling and overwhelming from the energy emitting from these ‘in love’ motorcycle married couples. It was after this ceremony I met an elderly couple in their mid/late 60’s. They had been together their entire lives. The wife and passenger said to me, “If we had had to speak to each other all those years, we would never have stayed together!” I guess not having to converse is another benefit of motorcycling.
Motorcycling is definitely my ultimate passion - the way I see it, anything that “starts my heart” in such a manner - must be ♥love!♥


Wyn said...

I have always had a crush on bikes since i was young and in fact one of my favourite toys as a little girl was a RC bike. No longer a little girl, it was a goal in life to be at one with my bike - to feel her every reaction and her, mine such that there was a connection. While i am still quite the novice, I whole-heartedly agree with you, i love motorcycling in all its entirety, i take the good with the bad, and i have already committed to forever.


Michael William Scott said...

I couldn't agree with you more, Vicki...a motorcycle romance is very easy to have. After all, bikes are the ULTIMATE GADGET! They have a plethora of parts, a multitude of materials...a cacophony of colors. There are lights, levers, curves, wires, mirrors, chrome, steel, glass, rubber, and best of all.....the wonder of internal combustion!

All of us who have ridden for any number of years are aware of the thrill that comes from just thinking about being on our bikes, and of course that doesn't even come close to the joy of actually wrapping our legs around them, hitting the Start button then letting out the clutch and beginning to move!

As I write this (in December)
I'm already living (surviving?) in anticipation of the first ride of Spring, and I already know it'll be just like "falling in love all over again" as it has been every year since I got my first bike, 49 years ago. THAT, my friends, is romantic staying power.

-Michael Scott