9 November 2010

Impressive Skills of Italian Police Motorcycle Drill Team 1950’s

If you’ve ever watched motorcycle trick riding performances for exhibition, competition or just entertainment, you’ll most certainly stand in awe of the performance– even more so if you're a rider. We know how challenging riding slow is!
Here is a video I came across that’s certain to bring a smile to you face (if you’ve not seen it already!) It’s a synchronized riding demonstration by the Italian police for the public and local officials. The kicker is, this was sixty years ago! It was during a time when two wheeled machinery was simple, likely more lightweight, yes, but even more challenging to control and to manoeuvre! You had to have skills and a very practised co-ordination!
You’ll see a part in the video where they ride up and over a small bridge – we had to do such a similar thing back in the early 1980’s in order to pass the motorcycle training course!


Kate H said...

That's amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

That was pretty cool. Thanks for posting.