6 September 2010

Finding Other Women Riders

Finding other women riders has never been easier yet I still often hear the complaint from many women I encounter that they don't know other women to ride with and end up riding with the guys, or alone.

“Where the girls are” can be somewhat of an exploration and especially if you're just getting into motorcycle riding. The truth is it’s never been easier to find other female riders- of all disciplines- scootering, touring, motocross or sport bike! We’re nearly 23% of the rider population now and I’m sure you’ve noticed the numerous female riders piloting bikes on our roads.

Internet and social networking platforms (facebook, forums, etc) are bringing so many women and rider activities together. Websites, e-newsletters sent by local motorcycle dealers promote product awareness and localized events. International Female Ride Day has grown to a globally huge success thanks to internet networking and has brought so many women together – admittedly this was one of the goals of the campaign! Indeed it's easier to find other female riders. We're simply a small populous that requires a little bit more effort to find. This can be indeed misinterpreted-even more so if living in a small community.

Women’s groups and clubs are booming and those that have already existed for decades are expanding in membership. Nevertheless the fact remains, that woman entering motorcycling, particularly “solo” have feelings of apprehension about their riding future. They’ve achieved the license, the bike and now wish to find the right club or riding friend to hangout with. But really, just like many things, new to anyone, this feeling soon subsides once we become more informed.

So taking a ride down the information highways first will bring you into female rider communities. And if that doesn’t work, the first Friday in May is International Female Ride Day, a guarantee in meeting other women riders!

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