7 June 2010

Law Allows Only Women to Ride Motorcycles- Men Can’t!

It’s within a crisis situation that has allowed women to be the sole users of two wheeled transport. Since April this year, the Bawku Municipality in West Africa has been plagued by violence. The security suspected this occurred by persons moving from place to place by motorbike, as the criminals are always able to escape by the time security personnel get to the crime scene.
They placed a ban on riding motorbikes in Bawku.
This has now been lifted but only for women. But they’re forbidden to give a ride to or transport men under any circumstances. If found doing so, the woman will be arrested and her motorbike seized.
There were many complaints to the two security bodies that the ban on riding motorbikes in the municipality greatly affected businesses and government work in the area, included getting the sick transported to in hospital from rural areas.
Bawku is a town in Ghana and the capital of the Bawku Municipal District with a population of estimated at 71,982 making it the fifteenth largest city in Ghana. It’s been unstable for years as a result of chieftaincy and ethnic clashes.
Well, I guess women riders can be trusted no matter the situation.

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