18 April 2010


You’re standing on the floor of the dirt covered Rogers Centre surrounded by 42,000 people, 3 metres from the dirt track where the world’s best Supercross contenders will bring it all to win. Feeling dirty and completely the opposite of feminine, there was no other place I’d rather be on Saturday, 13 March!This was the 2nd year for me as official flagger during famed Monster Energy AMA Supercross Toronto round and oh yes; it was more than out of the ordinary! If you love competition at its highest official level, outside of having the skills to compete yourself, this is the next best medicine!

This year, as a new concept and by special approval of the CMA our FIM motorsport sanctioned body for authorized motorsport in Canada I worked out a program to bring this amazing experience to women; those totally ‘green’ to supercross and flagging to see another dimension of motorsport. The plan didn’t quite have the success I imagined (am certain next year will be better!). I thought women riders would love to have their noses pressed against this real time window of action; many were apprehensive (nervous) and others had last minute commitment priorities causing them to back out. However, those "exposed" to this unique, once in a lifetime venue of experience; are hooked!

Don’t misinterpret, flagging requires expertise and usually a license (training course). The newcomers initially were not permitted to manage a placement alone and given less threatening/demanding areas of the track. It’s an enormous responsibility and key to the success and survival/injury prevention to the riders. It’s our job to signal danger coupled with long hours and unfriendly conditions.

There’s no pay really to speak of and you risk being run over or hit- but the “pay-offs” in the form of ambiance, action and race sphere are huge! You get full on-site access, up close opportunities to meet/talk to famous champs/motorsporter’s; first chances at autographs and more! Additionally, we get ground level front row seats for the opening ceremony which is similar to a RockStar concert-thrilling! But really, for me it’s the up-close action and hanging out with the other flaggers! Great bunch of folks!

Keeping Kawasaki rider Ryan Villopoto safe as he claimed his second win in a row picking up another three points in the championship, first hand was certainly rewarding. He had a four-second margin of victory over series points leader Ryan Dungey-close racing undeniably.

There’s really no dirt to kick up in being part of such a great experience!

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