30 January 2010

PLAYBOY MotoGP De Puniet Sponsor—Bunnies Underline MotorSport Man’s Arena

When I initially heard the news last year that the French MotoGP Randy de Puniet (also sponsored by REV’IT the Dutch motorcycle gear brand I’m associated with) received title sponsorship from Playboy Italy, I threw my arms up in the air exclaiming—great!- PLAYBOY bunnies in the MotoGP paddock now! If barely covered umbrella girls weren’t enough. It’s true; we viewed bunny-turned-umbrella gal- throughout the season.

Randy had a PLAYBOY photo shoot with a centrefold expert before the onset of season 2009—photos are also posted in full view over the Internet and on the LCR Honda MotoGP Team website, (not all however for reasons you might imagine) his ride since leaving Kawasaki behind in 2007.

Admittedly, he looks really good, alone (woman's perspective), without the "bunny" in the pic.

But in visiting the website, I see that perhaps, via presumed current photos of his bike, the PLAYBOY logo has been replaced by RADIO MONTE CARLO? Cannot confirm and could well be I've got it reversed.

Admittedly he had a good finish for season '09, at 11th which may well be attributed to his extra intake of carrots!

I do wonder what will happen when women finally (equally not just a one off season thing) get into the MotoGP, you know with regard to all the years of this male potency demonstration. It will be interesting. But at least for now, the MotoGP riders themselves are examples of manly handsomeness and
phenomenal talent. Its this combo, for those of us who truly appreciate it (I'm guilty as charged)--is sexy/sex appeal beyond explanation.

Oh...here’s a pic of my very own umbrella guys at a race on Zandvoort circuit, The Netherlands--classy wouldn’t you say? Three cheers for emancipation!

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sandy said...

Vicky ,I must say! You look fantastic with your own umbrella boy!!!! You are an inspiration to all women riders. I am a new rider and I came cross your site looking for advice on how to choose a good helmet.However, found more then that on your site.I am glad I found you and after reading this article you have won my respect!!!