11 January 2010

New Year Closer to the Riding Season

Hope you had a terrific ringing in of the New Year! Not only the start of the Dakar brings all riders much excitement at the turn of the year, but with each day that passes, we get closer and closer to spring. Those of us residing in Canada put all our motorcycles in storage, so the withdrawal, as you might imagine is extreme. Thank goodness we all seem to get by with a little help from the motorcycle shows within our various regions—Europe, North America, Britain.

Recently at Toronto’s Industry show case exposition we featured some great activities for women. Women's night hosting special focus activities for female riders are common place now (thank goodness). I was on hand for various activities, such as pictured here with John, Yamaha Motors Canada product manager (photo thanks to the talented Mr. Mondo) during new bike presentations at the Yamaha booth.

Pictured in the background is one of the models we highlighted and presented with women in mind—the FZ6R. Terrifically adaptable, all-round sportbike with numerous slight but valuable features (seat adjustments, closer positioned handlebars, etc.) all aimed at producing huge results in comfort and handling. I’ll hope to provide more details first hand later this year, after my test ride review.

The entire show was a little smaller and less visited than the year prior—sadly the result of one of the most challenging years financially, experienced by all.
Well, here’s looking forward to a more stable, profitable and active year for all! --filled with many many kilometres of riding fun!!

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