6 December 2009

Women Riders Make An Entrance with Swarovski Crystal Covered Motorradwerk Zschopau Motorcycle.

Just when you thought you had it all, pictured here is a very special customized MZ Motorcycle-entirely covered in those Swarovski crystals we’ve grown to adore. Beautiful! What a way to be seen! If you’ve not heard of the German motorcycle MZ before, its most likely because they're not common today, but they had a huge role in the history and origin of the motorcycle.

Located in Zschopau, Germany.
The company was founded by the Danish Jørgen Skafte Rasmussen (1878 – 1964). He moved to Germany and established several automobile and motorcycle manufacturing companies, including DKW (Dampf-Kraft-Wagen meaning “steam-driven car“) and Framo (car) . He put a slightly modified version of this engine into a motorcycle. This was the real beginning of the DKW brand: by the 1930s, DKW was the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. After the war, the company made the RT 125, "RT" stands for "Reichstyp" or "National Model" and were produced in 175, 250 and 350 models.

After the war, the design drawings of the RT125
were given to Harley-Davidson in the USA and to BSA in UK. The HD version was known as the Hummer, while BSA used them for the Bantam. Later MZ models continued in production until the 1990s, when economics finally brought production of the two stroke to an end. Other manufacturers also copied the DKW design, officially or otherwise. This can be seen in the similarity of many small two stroke motorcycles from the 1950s. The RT 125 is probably the most copied motorcycle of all time.

It was in 1956, the brand "MZ" (Motorradwerk Zschopau) is introduced. During their best years they had a time where they employed more than 3200 employees and built more than 80,000 motorcycles, many of them exported to over 100 countries. Since 2000 MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH has used RT 125 to mean an entirely new 4-stroke model motorcycle.

*thank you wikipedia sources