22 December 2009

From The Heart of One Motorcycle Rider to Another-Last Minute Gift Suggestion.

Are you like me, a last minute holiday shopper and one who has a preference for shopping online? Isn't it great how much easier and more efficient it becomes each passing year !?? Practical and a cinch shopping by way of your own computer!

On every rider’s list are items from gear, gadgets, parts and other stuff which in all honesty, we can often live and ride without. However, in other countries doing without is an unfortunate part of everyday life. It's during this seasonal occasion we have the opportunity to celebrate generosity and give thanks to the little things; thinking of those less privileged than ourselves.

“Riders for Health” makes a perfect gift of kind on behalf of your rider friend--or
as I practice, as my own personal gesture this time of the year. And it's so easy, I do it simply online.

Riders for Health are an international non-profit organisation that is providing health-care to rural African villages using motorcycles and motorcycle ambulances.
By providing health-care door-to-door, the organisation is hoping to help fight the spread of AIDS. The project has resulted in reducing the disease and illnesses by getting patients much-needed medicine. And let's not overlook the huge number of women trained to ride and as motorcycle mobile care givers!

Riders for Health's vision is of a world in which the poor do not suffer and die for lack of access to health care and other vital services simply because they are isolated by distance or terrain. They manage and maintain the vehicles used in the delivery of health c
are and other vital services to rural communities in Africa.

From gasoline for a support worker to a helmet or t-shirt –there are many ways to contribute.
Get online and donate your support now!

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday time!

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