1 November 2009

Motorcycle & Scooter Show Poster Theme Not Quite Female Friendly

I couldn’t help notice this year’s image promo for England’s biggest motorcycle expo, the International Motorcycle & Scooter Show—its visual language speaks male. Raves to the designer--the graphic is clever and unique.
The entire build of the ‘man’ is composed of motorcycle components with the catchy tag line, “its part of you”. Masculine with guy appeal, yet I suppose as the guys are still the majority market segment, so its still their game.
Yet wouldn’t it be nice to see a more balanced industry gender appeal? Especially since we, women, control 80% of household spending?
Show website.

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Raúl Vicente (male biker) said...

I think a wise publicist would be aware that women are an emerging market for motorcycles, and thus make an ad pointed towards the future... But no... *sigh*