15 November 2009

Films' Unpredicted Motorcycle Scene Good for A Laugh!

Recently, I really enjoyed watching the feel good comedy “Easy Virtue” starring Jessica Biel. I suppose you could say I'm a bit behind in my film viewings--yes, I know it was released in May. In my defense it was exactly during the heightened activities of International Female Ride Day —busy times at MOTORESS!
The story was terrific –it's Stephan Elliott's screen adaptation of an early Noël Coward play he wrote in 1924. A tale of “Old World manners vs. New World freedom”. John Whitaker (Ben Barnes) has just married a feisty, brash, beautiful, widowed American (from Detroit) race car driver named Larita (Jessica Biel).
It follows the labours of Larita, whom John, met in Monaco and impulsively marries.
When he returns home with Larita on his arm, his mother (Kristin Scott Thomas) is none too pleased and is given to detest her new daughter-in-law.
And from the moment Larita steps out of John's BMW roadster onto the Whittaker estate, she campaigns for Larita's destruction.
It's a "girls" movie, one for us with the added bonus of a feisty motorcycle scene that's terrifically comical--even though obviously it's not Biel on the motorbike (maybe its Justin Timberlake!) as seen in the screen shot. Great film which you'll find on your pay-per-view channel or at the rental store.
A film depicting a free spirited, independently thinking, "misbehavin" adventure seeker, living life by her own set of rules.
Rent it—you'll love it!
PS--Any idea what type/make of bike was used in the film?

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