10 October 2009

Auckland’s Boobs on Bikes—Big Boo Boo for women in Motorcycling.

In Auckland New Zealand, a few weeks back, the “Boobs on Bikes” parade, led by its founder porn king Steve Crow, made its way down Main Street through a crowd of 90,000--yes, of mostly men, as you might imagine. They turned out to get an eye full of all sorts of topless women (porn stars and strippers in town for the Erotica expo)—including the woman with the world's largest breasts!
The real disappointing discovery for me, when viewing this curious fascination of women and motorcycling news, was the fact that the “boobs on bikes” gals were passengers—they weren’t the riders!

Certainly this objectifies women and to a many, is quite simply, inappropriate behaviour--but a success for Crow aiming to promote the Porno Expo in town. Many residents protested attempting to halt the parade, for numerous reasons as you might imagine. And one point in defence stated by Crow was the fact that women had every right to go topless/shirtless in public just as men do (what gal hasn’t heard that line before)!
My point is, could we at least see these women riding their own motorcycles next year!? This way we can continue to be reputed for not only having “the goods” that cause huge crowds to gather, but also the ability to ride a motorcycle most proficiently.
Actually, I would prefer reversing that order--huge crowds gathering to see women ride motorcycles (maybe at the track during a race for example)-secondarily, the goods!
PS--Did you happen to notice the male motorcycle rider has his protective gear on!
Auckland’s Boobs on Bikes—Big Boo Boo for women in Motorcycling.


phil said...

"Boobs on Bikes", many with semi-naked women riding behind them.

Raúl Vicente (male biker) said...

I would much prefer to ride alongside a woman rider.