19 September 2009

Beatrice Bossini will Eternally BEA.

We constantly add articles on MOTORESS about motorcycling‘s first women to win in certain motorsport disciplines or even the first women to compete …yet, a few weeks ago we lost, probably our first female to the sport, sadly—the young “Bea” ….Italy’s Beatrice Bossini.
All our strides forward taken as women in this sport in no manner exempts us from its tragic dangers—where in mishap, we are no different. Fatality has no gender distinction, here we are equal.
Many of us take such pleasure and fervour in our racing—riding the limits of our machines, of ourselves—for its all encompassing love. And if, and only if, you’ve done it, raced, you’ll understand. Yes I too was willing to trade the thrill and “liberation of speed” for the fatal threat-- knowing well of the negative outcomes' possible.
Yet there’s something painfully awakening as I mourn over the young Beatrice—she was so young, just 18--she just had her birthday.
It seems her fatal accident occurred while testing at Croatia’s Rijeka track on her Kawasaki Ninja 600, exiting the final corner onto the main straight. It seems that she suffered a highsider and, according to reports, was ejected from the bike, hitting the asphalt hard. Beatrice was declared dead at the scene.
I suppose, relating to the passion shared for motorcycling, imagining what her last thoughts were—thoughts of an amazing sensation feeding from her body to her mind; of motorcycling heights enjoyed on a track outside of her own country, manoeuvring at speed in harmony with the machine doing what she loved.
Motocicliste have a lovely tribute to "Bea". Even though in Italian, you can view some great images of her earlier years.
My heart goes out to Beatrice’s family and friends--sincerest condolences.
Thank you to Bea for giving us all such inspiring beauty, such enjoyment through her own unique, young spirited motorcycling example.

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