15 August 2009

Girls know…where there’s a Bultaco there’s a man!

“Girls know…where there’s a Bultaco there’s a man!”. . . reads the title of a motorcycle advert I came across. The advert is from the ‘60’s—are you amused as well? I know I had to chuckle aloud!

These earlier era motorcycle advertisements are time markers of "then" mentalities and social values; reminders of how women have moved steadily forward in motorcycling. Manufacturers still place their majority appeal to the guys--we can’t fault them, we're still the smaller demographic. However manufacturers DO slot in a few focus campaigns directed at women—progression!
“Girls may not understand Bultaco’s Campera, but they understand men. And the fact that the Campera has a very comfortable saddle!” --as stated in the advert content. Well, today we do understand the ‘machine’, thank you very much.

Have you heard of the Bultaco motorcycle? It originates from Spain and dates back to 1958. Bultaco’s founder Franciso Paco Bulto was originally the director and partner of the former Montesa motorcycle company (founded in 1944). Montesa was an avid motorcycle racing focused company --most motorcycles had their intro debut's in racing/motorsport. Paco Bultó parted ways with Montesa creating his own company and brand BULTACO from combining the first four letters of his surname “Bultó” with the last three of his nickname "Paco".

So many brands throughout the world--eternally fascinating!

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christian said...

i don't really know if you girls now understand that well the bultaco, i used a bultaco at the age of 15-16 a sherpa 125 "azul" at that time i was really a young man...now i'm a little tyred...maybe i have to find an old 1 to breethe it's potion