1 August 2009

Field Full of Girls on Motorcycles

Field Full of Girls on Motorcycles

It rained most of the day but did that stop the fun had by all during the SCORRA Ladies Only off road training day--absolutely not! In fact, that's one of the great things about riding off road the weather doesn't really matter.

SCORRA (Simcoe County off Road Riders Association) invited me to assist with their first ever “Women's only training day”. It was about a month ago (already!) and I was one of five female instructors bringing this new program to women of the Simcoe off road region. The other female instructors were members of SCORRA and also talented riders extraordinaire with championships to their names in hare scrambles, trials and mountain biking—yes I picked up a few “tricks of the trade” for myself.

Nearly 30 women of all ages participated in this carefully planned curriculum--
an entire day of challenging activities all intended to improve rider ability. But more importantly-- build confidence. Layouts weaving riders through pylons, rear wheel lock up braking manoeuvres to manage rear wheel slides, riding over “table tops”, hopping over logs and getting through slippery dirt corners in full stand up stance--it was a total training package, all for the fee of $40. lunch included!

You really couldn't have asked for more.

At the wrap up of the day, women concluded; they wanted more—so there's talk of a follow up in September. SCORRA is intent on affecting an increase of the number of women riders participating in off roading and making the activity more inviting [to women] by offering up skills.

Have you tried off road riding yet?
If not I've got to warn you—you will …fall in love.

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