7 June 2009


The other day while rushing from meeting to meeting in my Jeep I noticed a stylish looking young woman on her Vespa riding amidst city traffic--her footwear, black stiletto pumps. While awaiting a traffic light to change, a man in his car sitting in the lane parallel to her called out questioning her choice of shoes. He wondered how she managed to ride the scooter in high heels. She replied that for her it was no problem. True enough, we’re very capable in heels-- there’s even a "stiletto stampede" fundraiser race in several countries where women compete in stilettos!
Much controversy exists over what appropriate riding gear is for scooters. These two wheelers are superbly, safe, light weight and fun making urban transport ideal. It's because of that they're being used more and more to go to work and enjoy our urban social lives. Part of that pleasure is the fact of not having to wear extensive heavier motorcycling gear. Look at Italy’s scooter culture for one—women commonly ride around on scooters in the same daily wear on or off bike. But then again they ride amidst a conscientious culture unlike that of ours. In many European countries the scooter (motorcycle) is a respected, welcomed part of transport life.
Hopefully soon, we'll catch up with the admirable scenarios of other lands where we'll ride amidst an environment we need worry little about.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be wonderful to not have to gear up on a hot summer day. I wait all year for the great weather, and then, end up invariably sitting at a traffic light cursing it and trying to unzip my ICON jacket. I don't dare not wear it though.
As my husband says, "I would rather sweat than bleed".
Lisa in B.C.