18 June 2009



I’ve got to say that was the craziest fun I’ve had in a long time—huge kudos to Rob Harris of CMG for coming up with the entire idea! Thanks to KYMCO Canada for their major role as main sponsor and rally assist.
The event was a total blast! I am entirely addicted and can’t wait until the next one—2011! I didn’t tell you that my “Mad” entry was as the “Man Catcher”—--as you can see I managed to catch a few fellas—with surprisingly, little resistance. I think it was the red bra bait! What is a “Man Catcher” you ask? Well, after snaring men, they're then put through training courses (hence the army garb they wear once captured) and when ready they’re released for the greater good of woman-kind. They’re taught how to efficiently cater to women’s needs from all levels-- the etiquette's of domestic duties--taking out the garbage, cleaning & repairing motorcycles, washing the car –you get the idea!
The entire theme of the rally is ‘madness’ plus the fun of a competition to obtain “mad points”. Well, I didn’t do too well, yet not too badly either. But because I decided to speed through the rally (the roads were so fine)—I ended up flying by some valuable mad point opportunities. However, I did arrive 2nd back to home plate though, accompanied by Dean and Jason (thanks to their great map reading--by the way, that's another great benefit of the 'Man Catcher' training program!--tsk tsk I know). Ah well, it's always about the ride for me— and this time, the added bonus of being surrounded along the way with such fun lovin’ crazies! I particularly enjoyed the antics of team "Zeppo". Gentlemanly nutty madmen who all brought such fun to the whole deal!
You will notice however, that a few of my men went “AWOL”! Here pictured one trying to get away on one of team Zeppo’s scooters— and the Zeppo’s were assisting!

Read more about the event here on MOTORESS.com.

PS—there are more photos on facebook under Mad B rally! And on our MOTORESS facebook fan page!

And yes, there's always time for lipstick--no matter the activity!
**photos provided by the talented "Mondo Lulu" website here!


dresda said...

The route that rally took had some of the most outstanding roads in Eastern Ontario, we love riding up there and we were happy to help a few of the Mad Bastards along by giving them some directions. I'm glad you had a good time!

Lucy said...

hey, this is my first time on your blog. i loved your pics of your bike, and there is always time for more lippy :)