19 May 2009


Wow what a day it was! I’m still in the zone! We had a super kick off in Toronto and received so many messages from women across Canada and of their activities! Harley-Davidson Motor Company placed their New York and Milwaukee event kick off images on their website—brilliant all the women throughout the USA who rode! Women in Israel shared their pictures (check out the photo album!)—women in Kuwait, in Italy and even Gisele in Brazil celebrated while enjoying a training on the track.
Oh--I forgot to mention GUATEMALA! We saw pics uploaded just the other day! Women everywhere said this is our day and got on their motorcycles! I thought last year was amazing with participation! This year truly magnificent!
And though it’s not a lot to ask of you because you'll take any excuse to be on your motorcycle; to have you JUST RIDE your motorcycle on one day, in any manner you wish, your participation made this day once again a spectacular happening! A force of women and motorcycling presented in unison globally! It’s amazing don’t you think?
Thank you is probably not needed because it’s something you enjoy doing anyway—yet joining in on International Female Ride Day, well—appreciation goes to you because your taking part made it all it is!
Visualise this--we circled the world on just two wheels!
Cya next year-- 7 May 2010!

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