7 February 2009


This past Christmas I decided to make donations to charities for my family and friends instead of the usual form of gift giving. One of the charities was RIDERS FOR HEALTH—an organization that most motorcyclists should know about and if you don’t well, hopefully this note will provide a cue to visit and get involved! After making the donation I updated my mailing address in their system, it was still noted as The Netherlands—no wonder I hadn’t been receiving their newsletters! Well, the next newsletter to arrive held a wonderful bit about a female health worker and community nurse in the West African country of Gambia—Manyo Gibba. So I just had to share it here with you!

Manyo was taught to ride by Riders for Health—and not just to ride but to carry out basic maintenance to keep the bike running day in day out. Certainly there are few garages.

Manyo swaps her traditional dress for a helmet and protective gear and begins her 14 village rounds caring for nearly 20,000 people! She cares for pregnant women, mothers and children but also works with village health workers to monitor hygiene conditions, health education and disease prevention in the communities.

Prior to receiving her motorcycle from Riders For Health, she was accustom to walking or would sometimes hire a donkey cart taking her months before her responsible communities would see her! Now they see her at least once a week. It’s a very cool organization and just imagine the inspiration Manyo provides to other women of Gambia.

Manyo’s role is to provide regular and routine healthcare but she is also a vital lifeline in the case of an emergency. With her motorcycle she has been able to rush to assist countless women during bad labours. If not for her motorcycle, getting her to location quickly, the woman giving birth would in most cases have lost her life.

Three cheers for RFH, for Manyo and motorcycles! Visit Riders For Health and donate.

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Leah said...

This is amazing, how inspiring!