1 January 2009


Someone once said-- the New Year is another chance to “get right” all the stuff you didn’t last year! Lucky us!
Looking forward at this new year, the fact that we're starting off economically challenged, observing more evidence of the not-so-positive reality causes me to recall a true Dutch and practiced value-- “less is more”. I think this “less is more” philosophy just might be the ticket to getting us through the concerns that surround us; prepare us for challenging times ahead. With Ducati not participating in the Canadian Thunder race series this year and cancelling out of BSB (British Superbikes)—Kawasaki announcing its discontinuance in MotoGP (can’t believe that one!) its proving to be a crazy year ahead in motorsport.

There’s such a buzz in the motorcycling industry, among others, reflecting concerns for motorcycling—some say it’s a luxury and will suffer, where others state motorcycling excels in tough times. These questions were put to me during a recent interview for a Clutch and Chrome podcast—how I personally felt it may affect the activity.

Well, we need it. Certainly we’ll elect common sense, caution and may not opt for that 2009 model upgrade or the new Akrapovic exhaust (darn!). Perhaps try to get another year out of our riding suit, even though we’d love a gear fashion upgrade. It’s my opinion we'll continue to enjoy our riding—its really our survival outlet and there’s no better way to get away from it all than when riding, absorbed, focused by the road.

Indeed a ride costs a bit of gas expense (thank goodness for the drop in gas prices!) and even if our rides might need to be shorter, our track days fewer, knowing that motorcycling is part of our life, seeing our bike standing in the garage or the driveway is a great inspiration of escape.

I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s the simple sensation--
the “less” that gives us all that “more”.
Best wishes to you and yours for a most joyful and healthy New Year!
May you continue to ride along the road of your dreams in 2009!
And remember you’re the one steering!

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