2 December 2008


Brad Pitt rides a lovely red vintage Indian motorcycle in his new movie. Brad is one of the world’s sexiest men and a personal fav of mine. Adding to his appeal is the fact that he is a motorcycle rider. We’ve seen him many a time featured in news clippings at various locations around the world, riding on sorted brands of motorcycles--in Europe, Asia, and more. Brad Pitt is a lover of the powered two-wheeler.Well, his skill and passion for riding has been incorporated in certain scenes within his new movie, “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” scheduled for release on Christmas day.
The movie is about a man, “Benjamin” portrayed by Brad Pitt, co-starring the wonderful Kate Blanchett. Benjamin’s life seems to work backwards and most extraordinarily opposite to what we know. He is born old and reverts back to youth through the years to I presume a baby.

Personally what’s interesting, based on the trailer alone because certainly I’ve not seen the movie; as he becomes younger, to accentuate his youthfulness in this particular phase of his life, he finds a motorcycle--the bike becomes part of his lifestyle.

The motorcycle’s use in the movie represents and accentuates its usual stereotypical role of freedom, youthfulness and spontaneity.
Interesting wouldn’t you agree?

So--the secret to keeping that youthful appearance? Keep riding!

Visit the film's website and view the movie trailer!

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