24 August 2008

GIRLS OF F.A.S.T.—Another Perfect Day on Shannonville

Did we have fun this past Tuesday on Shannonville? You bet! I was teaching once again for Michel Mercier’s FAST school, with a focus on our "all women’s group". We had a super day and many enjoyed taking home more riding skills than what they arrived with.

We focused on cornering skills, push steering, throttle steering, down-shifting [before the corner] and ideal lines. This course’s youngest ‘racer girl’, Erin, just 17, working the track like she was born on it. Erin has her own Kawasaki Ninja 250 and was able to use the FAST schools 250 cc during her training so the familiarity of the ride helped out. Fair credit to Erin’s dad Tim, who’s an avid Canadian Vintage Road Racer/Mechanic enthusiast.

Another female participant in our group used her own KTM where by the end of the day, most certainly while the other women were getting their bodies off the bike, leaning into the corner, Jane was moving forward on her supermoto, steering further into the lean than she’d shown in the morning sessions. Another day and her foot would be out while sliding through the apex. You’ll note in our group photo, the enthusiasm of everyone! The in-action shot where I’ve got a finger in the air is pointing from apex to exit.

Many thanks to Shari and Jack of Flair photo for the usual great photos!

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