3 August 2008


It was the very end of April when I found, purchased, and fell for the DARK Ducati, exquisite Italian. After much search I bought it from the well known Montreal dealership--Monette Sports. It was additionally a bonus driving to Montreal, Canada’s European style culture, with trailer to pick my future ride--I love Montreal. To date I’ve not added many kilometres to Dante’s (as I’ve named him) history, yet gratifyingly, 2/3 of the time spent on the bike has been on the track.

It’s namely due to this summer’s new historic record rain fall, and a busy test ride agenda (other manufacturer bikes I must ride) there’s really been not much of a chance to ride him on the street. The time we’ve shared has been "magnifico" — I made a great choice—the DARK is so sexy and radical looking. Its odd how one’s vision of beauty changes -- I remember when the DARK came out; I was the first to turn my nose up at it stating “traditional red” is what a Ducati should be. Now, well, I own one — the DARK has this futuristic, contemporary-architectural proclamation about it — and the silver frame an amazing accent. I find for the first time ever, I simply like to gaze at the bike, admiring it; in fact I could stare at it for hours. Yet his name didn’t arrive easily -- Dante as in Italy’s famed poet and the name translated means “stead fast” — fitting I found.

Again yesterday I was on the track teaching and enjoyed getting to know the bike better. Yet this also reminded me I’ve really got to get a steer damper and sort out the suspension set up.
A better suited rear spring, for a rider of 51 kilos not 70++ would make a big difference as well. Even though there's much to do with Dante, it's a pleasure adding him to the bikes I've owned. As the 749 is not produced any longer, I intend to keep him always—the beginning of my new collection this side of the globe.
My former Ducati 900SSC was a 1995 (Canadian customs would not allow it into the country, sadly I sold it) and I can say, in a decade, "Dante" (he's a 2005) with computer technology and increased HP/torque, design, style/weight, the machine is astounding — it's not all bad to move on to new technology. Having the 1098S last year was also quite a modern day leap to the next Ducati era after only knowing the 1995 performance — which I still regret parting with, both my 900SSC and the 1098S. Never mind, "better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all" — sure, the saying applies to motorcycles too.


Rick said...

I agree with you that is one amazing bike!

Alexander said...

proud owner of 749s White '06

Alexander A. A.