18 May 2008


A few weeks ago “REVS” Toronto, the downtown Ducati dealership held a fun fashion and 2008 model unveiling (even though we had the chance to see during earlier motoshows) --promo night for all its clientele, media and Ducatisti (part of the Ducati North America synchronized fashion nights). I accepted my invitation happily, looking forward to mingling with like minded motorcycle passionals and enthusiasts. An evening to enjoy Ducati’s 2008 latest motorcycle fashion style and get closer to the 2008 models--inclusive the star of the show--a real live Desmosedici RR.The event did not disappoint and it was super great to see fellow motorcyclists. Part of the festivities included a staged photo shoot—where you, with the object of desire, a Desmosedici RR could be captured. Most everyone without a second thought, stood in front of the camera as did I--well, you know I've never been camera shy. This Desmosedici was not for sale —it graced this dealership simply on route to its new owner, a young (lucky son of a gun) local Canadian Doctor who added it to his collection.
Earlier in the evening, before the photo shoot the ‘doctor’ (I’ve forgotten his name—yes, the bike overshadowed any attention its new owner may have been due) ignited the Desmosedici and provided all of us a sensation of power translated through its sound—decibels of some familiarity I’ve had the fortune to be around during former European MotoGP’s. Fair enough, there's none so seductive a rumble as of this Race Replica Ducati MotoGP bike. It was heaven for most of us as this double L-Twin 4 cylinder 322 kph (200 mph) engines' sound vibrated piercingly through the heart and soul of each Ducatisti present. Now then, if I could only ride it!
If you’re not uptodate as to what this amazing machine is all about I invite you to read my Desmosedici info on the MOTORESS technique/technical section—you'll truly be impressed.

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leox said...

Hi Vicki!
I'm from Italy, Ducati's homeland, and I'm a Desmosedici RR fan, of course. I live next to a motorbike clothes shop; they have a Desmosedici RR on display, together with jackets, gloves and helmets. Not a single day passes without a brief visit to see the MotoGP winner...it's a dream.

Very nice blog. Greetings from Florence!