28 April 2008


A few more days and its International Female Ride Day so I thought I would put an entry into my blog as before I know this week will be gone. I truly cannot wait to enjoy the kick-off and get out there on 2 May flaunting my female rider-ness along side all the other women!

Its crazy busy at MOTORESS—we’ve been responding to so many emails and inquiries about International Female Ride Day. Plus we didn’t expect the Ride Day t-shirt to be so successful! Thank you to the women who wrote in last year and made the suggestion.

I’ve been on many interviews with radio/various media where each time I’m asked the question of how I arrived at the idea of Female Ride Day. I underline one of the main reasons was simply to emphasize the many numbers of women who ride. If we all get out there, on one particular day we’ll deliver the message of “See! Here we are and we are many!”. Diverse styles, young and not as young, single, married, widowed—straight or gay. Here we are! At the same time we celebrate women riders and inspire others--those who’ve not yet taken up the activity.

Due to an extreme overload of activity at MOTORESS I've not been able to stop, until now and reflect on what a gigantic celebration this has become! Even women in Australia are celebrating with us! I’ve been able to meet and discover fascinating women riders all around the world—North America, South Africa, Russia; a great reward indeed.

I’ve so enjoyed reading the enthusiasm women are sharing—the hundreds of comments “thanks for creating such a day—I love the idea” or “we’re all jazzed up about the day”—and some women rider clubs will celebrate their anniversary as Female Ride Day brought them together. And when Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee contacted me and referred to the day as an “inspiration”—well, I was truly flattered.

Then there are those that feel women should not be treated special or different from the men—yet we, the women know better. We are unlike men—not greater, not lesser, just unlike men. Those differences are evident and acknowledged in sports, in Olympic competitions, in our ailments, in our thought mannerisms. We do have our own very special place in the seat of a motorcycle—a place not to be compared to or likened to that of any male.

During my most recent interview I realized there was one very important factor I kept forgetting to mention—that every single woman motorcyclist participating on 2 May, Female Ride Day, is herself a role model inspiring other women who don’t ride or have just started! So proudly take your lead on International Female Ride Day demonstrating to other women what a wonderful joy it is to --JUST RIDE!

And heavens, at the end of the day, all I did was come up with the concept—it was the participation of women riders around the world that decided it’s success.

Have a wonderful International Female Ride Day on May 2nd wherever your ride takes you--celebrate!

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