17 March 2008


Each time I mention to riders or non riders that I have a scooter (KYMCO 150cc Bet & Win) people smile or chuckle aloud—as if to say “yeah right”. They’re thinking, how could this former European race competitor, track coaching instructor, 2stroke jump loving off road enthusiast ride a scooter? My goodness many are not well informed when it comes to the thrills of “scooter” riding. The scooter has come a long way since the first step through “Skootamoto” created in 1919, British engineer Granville Bradshaw (even though the very first motorcycle was a step through --“step through" a scooter defining characteristic). We live in an era where scooters are now high on performance, diverse in use, fun, affordable, “green” and easy to enjoy.
Scooter’s engine capacities range from 50cc to 500cc even 850cc—KYMCO’S new 500cc Xciting (appropriately named!) even has ABS. Apparently latest terminology states anything above a 250cc is a “maxi-scooter”--not certain I agree because my KYMCO 150cc will do 120km/h—more than maxi-mum speed limit in most North American cities. There are scooters for touring, for the city, for performance and even for racing—view the YouTube videos I’ve linked here below showing scooter racing—you’ll love em!
A world that daily bestows upon us breakthroughs in technology-- scooters have not been overlooked continuing to make leaps and bounds into our motorcycling cultures. Oh --- what’s that you say? They're not potent (macho) enough? Not cool enough? I suppose there’s that too--the stigma or better yet perception of being less of a rider if on a scooter—well, another old fashioned measure. And consider if you are in Italy or Paris--you'll be considered the hippest of hip on your scooter. Got a scooter, you got "in”. And you should see how the likes of Valentino Rossi handles his scooter or Giancarlo Falappa who rode me all through one British Brands Hatch World Superbike (WSBK) paddock/pits (he’s aggressive!) parking outside Ducati Italy hospitality to enjoy lunch. Super fun!
Personally, my scooter is a most pleasurable add-on to my motorcycling wardrobe —my sportbike for the street or track, my off road bike for the dirt/trails, my KYMCO for urban riding or when on some racetrack for track side transport.
Perhaps we can liken this to our [vast] variety of shoes--runners for fitness, hiking boots for the outback, strappy sandals for the yacht, knee-high boot with a skirt, stilettos for the nightclub and so on.
Motorcycling comes in so many pleasurable variations and a scooter (scoot: "to go suddenly and speedily; hurry) is an extended, must have (must do) form of this activity--motorcycling.
Riding a scooter doesn't mean replacing a [typical] motorcycle and for millions it's all they ever want.
View the scooter race Video one /Video two

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