23 March 2008


It’s great to know you can still be part of a community even when you're very far away--as is the case with this online image used on the website of the 2008 Dutch motorcycle show the “MotorBeurs”. This picture specifically assigned under their online "nieuwsbrief" (newsletter) sign up section. Yes it's an action shot taken of me on my Ten Kate Honda 600, on TT Circuit Assen (of course) when I first picked up the bike. I was testing it during a track day held by one of the Dutch magazines — a sponsor I believe of this very MotorBeurs. Hence the temporary race number over my "55" plate. Each year I looked forward to the Motorbeurs and enjoyed working with the organizers of the country’s largest show. The RaceGirl stand was a fun place for women to visit and hang out at; playing host to many visitors that to this day remain rider friends. I can’t help but feel “home sick” when remembering these great times and comradeship's -- and feel proud to still be a part of the MotorBeurs, even if only in a small photograph.

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