7 March 2008


Very special weekend this one not only because it’s race one of the exciting MOTOGP season (!!) – it’s the first ever night race, a Grand Prix historic happening making this performance the first of its kind.
This history making illumination is powered by over 5 million watts of electricity representing the largest permanent sports lighting system in the world!
Qatar’s 5.380 km (3.343) mile circuit has been lighting the laps of the past two nights testing and yesterday's first qualification practices.
The race on Sunday will be exciting to watch no doubt.

The lights have presented new challenges to the riders, the teams and of course television crews and photographers—at least the atrocious heat of the desert won’t be a challenging factor this time for both rider and tire wear.
Enjoy the photos that were sent by Dutch Molenaar Racing / De Graaf Racing Team press release. Owner Arie Molenaar, a terrific fellow--I've had the chance to know him and better yet observe his team in action within the paddock/pits especially when MOTOGP was in town for its Assen venue and during Sachsenring MotoGP's. Molenaar was the same team Katja Poensgen raced on before retiring from racing.
The shots are of two of their three team riders 125cc riders
Hugo van den Berg (NL) and Steve Bonsey (USA).

Cool like a fridge—wouldn't you say?
Ah, the colours of the night!
**It seems Casey Stoner is back in the lead setting best lap times during practices!

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