25 February 2008


Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying a visit with the Northumberland Trail Rider’s Club (the name taken after their location) annual general meeting upon their invitation. It was an informal gathering which allowed me to become more acquainted with the members and meet more women off road riders or trail riders, the term used in this case. Canada being such a vast land is as you can imagine, is amazing to explore via an off road motorcycle. This club, like other off road clubs, ensures these opportunities continue to exist for enthusiasts and host many events.

The meeting and discussions of upcoming events got my dirt riding and trail riding desires all a flowing--off roading is such a blast. Sadly I left my divine Husqvarna 2stroke 250 behind in NL--actually sold it to the importer because it was one that was originally from Sweden. I believe he wanted it for his collection. I loved the thing—bit noisy but certainly spunky and light.

We also discussed more methods of enticing additional interest by women to off roading—the renowned fund raiser ride the club initiated called MEG’S Ride has certainly added much awareness for women trail riders over its past near 6 years of activity.

During RaceGirl days in The Netherlands I hosted and coached off road days inclusive lessons, bike, gear and dirt on your face to wear home--these were a big hit. Once you learn the skills of riding on varied terrain and their affects on the motorcycle, the sliding of the back wheel for dirt turns, going airborne after throttling over small hills, etc. your street riding and road racing skills increase greatly not failing to mention the “fall off get back on factor”—it ain’t as bad as it seems! That’s why I originally started riding off road--not only for increased motorcycling pleasure but to enhance my racing abilities—plus its great for off season training. Off roading/trail riding is a great work out and for any motorcycle enthusiast, a super fun activity to keep you in shape!

A well known avid enthusiast at the meeting Sue Cannell, involved in numerous trail and off road clubs, informed me of a two day trail ride bordering the edge of Ontario’s most famous parks, Algonquin—one of my most favourite Northern Toronto wilderness locations from way back. Am pretty sure I’ll be joining in on this one! And some of the Northumberland events too!

Yes, the trip to grandmother’s house nowadays is done by women motorcycle trail riders of the forests—no chance for the big bad wolf!

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