17 February 2008


Confirming women's social roles and lifestyles have indeed changed is the recent television commercial for anti smoking aid "Nicotinell" featuring a female motorcycle rider as the sole theme of their advertisements’ campaign-- "LOSE THE SMOKE KEEP THE FIRE". It's furthermore terrific to see realistic motorcycle operation; with so many women riders and film stunt women, we've not needed male stand-in riders for quite some years-- as was often the case in the past.
The ad's actress and spokes woman depicts intelligence, confidence with a modern “in control” attitude -- not failing to mention style and glamour. And when she discovers her new self [without the cigarette] on a motorcycle her life passionately comes alive, in full colour.
The advert starts off by saying “who will you be without that cigarette in your hands—you'll never know until you quit” —this statement comparative to motorcycling. You'll never know how exciting and rewarding motorcycling is unless you try it -- in fact how life changing riding can result! And for others how it extends or compliments an already assertive life, a life without limits.
Excellent portrayal and the ad undoubtedly will affect women who have not yet explored motorcycling by sending the message of “get some fire”--learn to ride a motorcycle and discover more about you.
If you've not yet seen the advert, you can enjoy various country specific viewings at the brands main website. I found The Netherlands' website to be very cool. Just click on "vurige campagn" when you arrive and again on the wide screen TV. On the UK site click on TV AD's link on the top right bar.
I'm sure the product (made by leading pharmaceutical company Novartis) is worth trying if you are a smoker; happily I’m not.
And frankly, I don't know "who I would be -- without those motorcycle grips in my hands".

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