27 January 2008


In creating the poster design for the 2008 International Female Ride day campaign, I came across a perfect background graphic that I wanted to incorporate with the traditional woman’s face silhouette (you know the one) now characteristic of Female Ride Day. The graphic was perfect, but pink--or as I like to call it POPCYCLE from Popsicle) purple-- striking and worth using.

Personally, I don’t do pink--maybe because the colour just doesn't seem to suit me. Its been so overused and widely incorporated regarding anything remotely feminine. Certainly it is symbolic--pink is the universal colour of the "female", the colour of breast cancer, the colour that states "I am not a man”. The colour many women enjoy donning in motorcycle gear--"don't you dare mistake me for a man" statement. I went through a pink stage in the late 70’s and the colour continues to make its comebacks in fashions’ history.

The graphic was so perfect and looked so appropriate that it was the right touch needed. And the 2008 poster had to differentiate itself from 2007's. It needed a strong colour, one that when hanging in the local dealership shop window or display; would be seen—an identity. So there it is--the look for 2008! Pretty in "popcycle" purple, not pink.

And on that design note, we're having a big contest here at MOTORESS just after FEMALE RIDE DAY—we want you to design the poster from now on! There will be a competition for the best design 2009. Submissions will be displayed and then voted upon. The design with the most votes will become the poster campaign model for 2009—with mucho credibility and honours. This design will also be incorporated into the souvenir pin and t-shirt graphics etc. Yes, stayed tuned! And hope you enjoy the new 2008 colours of International Female Ride Day.

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Adelle said...

Well it's about time! Love that you're using purple. I am having a wonderful time looking through your blog. I'm so glad Raven's Ride pointed me in this direction. You can bet, I'll be a regular visitor. Kudo's to you. Thanks for all that you do.
Adelle 'Legs' Laudan
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