8 January 2008


It was a few days before Xmas when Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada asked me to be their [mini] Garage Party host for Friday evening, 4 January in Calgary. I embraced the opportunity.

“The Harley-Davidson® Garage Party™ is an intimidation-free zone providing provides an inviting environment for women to learn more about motorcycling and to meet other women who are interested in riding. Party guests can expect activities that will be both entertaining and informational with topics including a review of the basic motorcycle controls, how to customize a motorcycle's ergonomics and how to choose proper riding gear.” *source HD website

In doing my Harley-Davidson preparation, over Christmas I discovered some very interesting factors about HD—one is that next to the tattoo “Mom”, the tattoo Harley-Davidson “shield and bar” is the most common inked emblem/design. On top of that my dear friend Michelle Duff upon hearing I would be assisting HD informed me (statistics/facts surveyed) that the top three words known around the world, in any language are: “OK”, “Coca-Cola” and “Harley-Davidson” — interesting.

The women attendees of the mini Calgary Garage Party were very interested, enthusiastic and fun loving! We enjoyed many laughs and camaraderie. During the second sessions' presentation most women were already licensed riders but believe their interest was to discover more about Harley-Davidson. Same as in the first session, the ladies impressed me with their seeming friendly, easy going attitudes as compared to the often sport-bike “something to prove” attitude (personal observation).

When I wasn’t busy with the party, I hung out in the HD booth and with interest sat on many bikes and spoke with various show visitors---men and women. They did have the new Buell 1125R on display—I'm interested in giving that bike a run.

HD provided me one of their stylish clothe jackets, a shirt and
a t-shirt with logo outlined in reddish sparkles — tres femme. One branch of their MotorClothes called FXRG (Functional Riding Gear) have some terrific features and benefits--only good things to say! Really impressed with the quality of materials and attention to details--and don't forget style.

Its' been indicated to me that when riding season arrives I’ll have the chance to try out the Buell 1125R--I’ll let you know how it handles!

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