31 December 2007


Another year in our riding boots is behind us.

For many women, 2007's been a year of firsts. Perhaps the mastering of a new riding skill never before managed, standing on the podium as an achiever, or finally buying that dream motorcycle and taking it for a journey through adventures' roads--and for many taking the first step by learning to ride. For others there were experiences of the harder kind—perhaps the loss of a riding friend, or our own mishaps that changed the plans we had made for ourselves—yes, those things that make you stronger.

Reflecting on the past year; reflection, a great thing because when we recollect scenes or situations and the manner we handled ourselves amidst challenges or successes—we make discoveries.
It's in this reflection we can set out our goals and aspirations for the year ahead.

So I wish you time to reflect and that the riding roads you choose to navigate in 2008 lead you through a journey of new found glories giving you your most -- spectacular motorcycling year ever!


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