14 October 2007


A few weekends ago I was invited to provide a practical workshop aimed around urban survival, for newly formed ScooToronto club, now 58 members. Members of the club also invited Pekka Jokiniemi training constable for the Toronto police operations. We were to work together to provide the club a Saturday filled with urban tactics.

I arranged to meet with Pekka the day before in order to coordinate our training methods and goals--all in sync and ready we were. Pekka trains the motorcycle police who start out learning on those big police motorcycles, either a Harley Davidson or a Honda.

Saturday, and only about a dozen of the club showed up (6 had canceled) we met at the 51 division Toronto police station (I was hoping to find myself a few police men or test ride a police bike, but no luck—this time) and used their training room facilities to talk traffic survival before heading out to the parking lot. One of the members of ScooToronto had designed a “think” causing slide presentation which challenged the members traffic smarts. What I really enjoyed were the many tales each rider had and how they were keen to relate and share —additionally interesting were their stories of challenge within the urban jungle of city riding. Plus many of the members, being that the club was so new, had not yet made acquaintance with each other—made for some real camaraderie.

So off we went – we made available some good exercises for slow speed control as one of the initial lesson start ups— on a scooter its achieved by keeping the rear brake lever applied as the throttle’s turned up to the friction zone. The scooters ranged from 50cc to 400cc.
I had to depart within 90 minutes of our riding lessons to pick up the really cool KYMCO gift previously sent for everyone, and when returned (city traffic and a SKYDOME baseball game!) my time was up and had to head out for a prior commitment leaving Pekka to handle the group—high speed braking exercises were underway.

I took a few photos and even captured Glenda, one of the clubs founders on her brand new sea green beauty.
If you live in Toronto, check out ScooToronto meet up page.
there's always a ride in the agenda be it short or long distance--and they're a super bunch of people.

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