8 October 2007


Near 4 weeks ago a fellow female motorcyclist blogger discovered MOTORESS.com and wrote a wee morning complimentary, positive note about us in her blog/website. And there you have it; I met Linda Raven Moore the woman behind Raven’s Road.

In having a look around Linda's website/blog "Raven's Road--Living an Interesting life: the travels and musings of motorcycling author Linda Moore" and getting to know Linda by way of the content on her site-- it wasn't difficult to see her obvious pleasure as a rider in the lifestyle of motorcycling.

So here a reciprocal note and introduction via my blog to fellow female motorcycle rider Linda.

Also within her site and worth exploring are excerpts from her book titled “A little Twist of Texas” based on her solo motorcycle trip on 1400cc cruiser “Beastie”, April 2005 from Silicon Valley to Texas. Her goal was to reach Fort Worth, but plans didn’t quite work out. Her book is the story of that ride to “Texas-with a twist”.

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Linda R. Moore said...

Oh wow! Just saw this--thank you. :)

This was posted while I was in the throes of my move from hell, and offline. I am just starting to get caught up on all my blogs. Your email is stuck on my old desktop and I only have my laptop here, so I haven't answered that, either.

Thanks for the write-up!