31 August 2007


Last weekend (25-26 August) as a member of Ducati Owners Club Canada (DOCC) I decided to join in and visit the rally weekend at Quebec's Mont Tremblant even though I'm not able to ride (as you might know I've a fractured back) a circuit is a great place to hang out. There's never a lack of chat about riding, mechanics, the components of some of the old/new machines and just mingle with like-minded enthusiasts--which I did with total pleasure. I had not been able to hang out with my fellow Ducatisti this year, nor have I ever been to Circuit Mont Tremblant so I took this venue's opportunity to indulge,

It took me 7 hours to drive from Toronto to the circuit (when living in The Netherlands, I'd have already been to Paris and on!), all of which went by rather quickly. The drive North from Montreal to Mont Tremblant Saturday was accompanied by very low cloud ceiling, fog and rain. I couldn't really see the surroundings until Sunday morning—and what a welcomed sight! Beautiful hills and trees and the circuit faultless, challenging--4.26 kms of pleasure riding!

One of the Ducati board members, also working in the paddock volunteering for the weekend, told me of the tracks owner. It’s just an interest for him, not a profit venture--owning this circuit was no different than having a swimming pool in your backyard. If he decided during the DOCC event that he wanted to take his Ferrari out for a test run, he could very well arrive and tell everyone to go home. If someone would dispute him while pointing out “we’ve paid for the weekend” they’d receive a response such as “well, I’ll give you your money back”—and he would proceed to test his Ferrari closing down access to everyone else. Funny, yet I thought to myself why not—if you owned a track this would be your prerogative non?

Once home and viewing photos I collected in my camera, I decided to publish even those not quite in focus--still fun to view. Note to self: take more photos next time! Some of our group at dinner (in an old train station) would have been fun to share.

As for next year, oh yes I’ll be exploring from my sport bike seat!

I think out of the 3 tracks I’ve seen in Canada, Mont Tremblant looks to be my favourite so far.

Check out my PHOTOGALLERY where many shots gave me a smile as I related to the thrills riders enjoyed as they cornered their way 'round Quebec's terrific Mont Tremblant. Enjoy!

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