10 August 2007


I've succeeded in getting up a user friendly photo gallery -- even with slide show if you wish! There are about 65 pictures ready for your viewing of the recent track day at Mosport!
I was able to get inside the circuit and try my hand at a few action photos. The marshals approved as long as I avoided the "impact zones" (North American term?). I'm pleased with the results! I couldn't walk too far into the track as my injury still makes [too much] walking difficult. I settled in the entrance cornering area which had me shooting mostly against the sun (no SLR camera). I'm real pleased at the ride-by shots--my new camera isn't too bad at all.

Just click the rider image (participant Shana) to go to the gallery.

1 comment:

Peter Marcelli said...

Cool photos Vicki.. it was a perfect day for sure! George looks like he's flirting with the camera.. haha!