30 August 2007


It’s been a quick long summer. This weekend, Canada's long weekend (Monday is a holiday) marks the unofficial end of it—back to school and so forth. It also means riding season is coming to a close. I must honestly say I''ll be relieved--it's been so difficult not being able to ride this year--yes it sounds selfish, honestly however, it means for me I'm getting closer to riding again.

Fourteen weeks ago I fractured my back and could no longer ride–heavens I could hardly walk. At the six week mark x-ray I was told the fracture had enlarged and the bone had collapsed more! I was told I might need surgery and the news I dreaded most, that I would not be riding again this season. I returned my sponsored Ducati 1098S and my KYMCO Bet & Win 150cc scooter—-you can imagine how this hurt more than the actual injury. At the same time, I understood, it’s logical, no possibility of me being able to ride.

Two weeks ago I had another x-ray, I felt I had improved, and sure enough the news was good; the fracture had not changed. This meant it was no longer getting worse but starting to mature. Thank goodness. But still no running, no lifting, roller blading, just minimal activity. The pains' been indicating this to me.

Yes, bring on the frost then I’ll be in the same dilemma as any other rider--unable to ride due to road conditions, not because of an injury (because it will have healed) impatient for the arrival of spring.

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