29 June 2007


Have you ever noticed how anytime a woman is photographed aside, on, or with her motorcycle bliss radiates through her smile? You sense the happiness, you feel it. The emotion comes directly through the camera's lens portraying excitement, pleasure, pride, and her love of the activity. Just have a look at the National Female Ride Day photos!

Here's one photo in particular, a recent favourite I captured of fellow rider friend Andrea Goodman. In the mirror is a happy, enthusiastic face. Even though Andrea is always positive and an incredibly good natured person with a contagious laugh, I caught her "havin' fun feeling" reflection in her own motorcycle mirror. This was just prior to moving off for the yearly WROAR ride (Women Ride Out Against Rape), 10 June Toronto. The photo also shows the background image of another female participant as she heads out to join the main group.
I’m reminded of one of my own photo moments while exiting famed seaside Dutch Zandvoort Circuit spring 1999 —after my very first race!
I had a Ducati 750ssc at the time and this picture taken on 2 May 1999 captured the true "high" I was on. Now so many racing years later, I recollect those 12 laps of sheer adrenaline induced motorsport pleasure!
The smile you see under my helmet was an uncontrolled product of numerous genuine feelings, not a pose for the camera -- the very day I became hooked on racing.

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