10 May 2007

National Female Ride Day-to-Remember

What a beautiful National Female Ride Day Toronto kick off last Friday May 4th under a glorious blue Friday sky at the Canadian National Exhibition entrance—the Princes’ Gates lending to a superb back drop and an easily accessed city location.

Women riders arrived from outside Toronto North, East and West to participate and share in the kick off. RTI (rider training Institute) management, also a sponsor of the campaign joined in. Then KYMCO Canada arrived with the team, the branded truck, their scooters. Bob Calwell, Kawasaki's Sales Manager arrived from Guelph en route to head office but stayed to join in the kick off as well. When I arrived at 7.15, City TV was already waiting to get this on film. Then Inside Motorcycles showed up and well we had a wonderful supportive group.

After the kick off we went on a city tour, very challenging on an early Friday morning—should have been called a city stop light tour as all we did was sit at traffic lights.
After the city riding we headed to the BEACH where we had breakfast. After, everyone dispersed going on required ways. I went riding around the city and stopped at a few dealerships. Ducati Toronto/Lamborghini who noted all the goings on this morning by Princes’ Gates. Then later by Cycle Canada where I spied the National Female Ride Day poster hanging in their entrance window. I spoke to a sales guy inside and mentioned it was National Female Ride Day today; he said, “Yes that’s right, I know all about it”.
A little later a phone call came in from Global TV saying they caught about 15 women pulling away from a stop sign and wanted more details of the day. Later I saw their TV bit on the evening news, they had captured and interviewed some members of the famous MOTOR MAIDS.

The Ottawa Citizen released an article on 4 May which enabled many females who still hadn’t’ heard about the day, to get out there on their motorcycles.

Many women riders enjoyed the day—their details including photos are arriving. Astounding to say the least. Some with a little story and many accompanying thanks for initiating such a day. I've even received a photo from Jackie, from the Ottawa area, of herself and her 1952 Harley—she had learned to ride in 1949. Brilliant!

Then there are the “VTwin Mama’s” in America who not only participated but also had members include a pink flower in their photo— terrific contrast. A delicate pink flower and the power of the motorcycle.

Yes very rewarding, the first National Female Ride Day a great success—awareness heightened, spotlight brightened as it shone on the varieties of women riders, all ages and all types.
National Female Ride Day also made obvious the numbers of women riders—those new to the activity and those who’ve been motorcyclists for most part of their lives.

One remark that's been shared in many of the emails is that next year should be international —this was always the plan so yes, International Female Ride Day 2008 May 2nd.

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