16 May 2007


During National Female Ride Day, after the kick off at the beginning of our Toronto city ride—we, the females (and a few accompanying males) experienced an incident that's been supplying us with giggles ever since.

Here we are, a modest sized group of motorcycles, admittedly looking impressive. The young urban fashioned KYMCO team--the Benelli custom designed "cafe racer", Robin’s downtown film trés feminine style on her Harley Davidson and my MOTORESS DUCATI 1098S. A pack of motorcycle riders on a downtown Friday morning rush hour--a sight to draw attention amidst the usual bustle.

As we departed the Princes' Gates heading city North, passing under the downtown expressway, a fellow motorcyclist was stopped on the shoulder, curbside of the on coming traffic lane. His motorcycle had stalled and he was attempting to kick start it. He had his left foot on the ground and was leaning to the right, against the road side curb (actually sidewalk) as he attempted to steady the bike and kick-it into operation. It was some type of retro motorcycle. In the midst of kick-starting, along we came captivating his attention on the other side of the street. He kicked the bike, looked at us, looked back, looked at us, looked back at what he was doing, but is was too late—in a chaotic scramble for balance and coordination, over he fell! It was as a classic slap stick comedy routine—whoa WHOA, WHOA, over he went overcome by our approach.

We were laughing and laughing! Not intending to be cruel, it was just plain funny. The fella didn't have far to fall—the motorcycle was already leaned over somewhat against the curb while trying to kick start it. Certainly there'll be a scrape or two, nothing significant.

A priceless memento on Female Ride Day.
Still "giggling"--you too Carol Anne? (no that's not him in the picture)

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