20 April 2007


You do have to trust they way life works--out of nowhere, springs 21 degrees has arrived--at last! I have not shared the fact that just 7 days ago I picked up my DUCATI 1098S. WOW! -about sums it up. However, it’s been unseasonably cold here, so I'm trying to ignore the Ducati as it’s a bit of a tease in that I've not been able to ride it due to weather (cold).
This weekend, it was to be much, MUCH cooler weather. We cancelled testing on the Honda RS125 with Michelle Duff in Shannonville--no worries,
because today its 20 degrees--time to RIDE THE NEW DUCATI 1098S.
I must tell you it is, yes,IT IS, a machine of mastery. I am amazed at the ease of operation, in turning. In fact I noticed immediately it feels so easy, too easy. Yet don't let that fool you, it’s not for the unskilled.
The dual disc brakes affect amazing stopping power by simply--inhaling. The torque, the power to the rear wheel simply by --twitching
the wrist (no spelling mistake, not twisting, but twitching) . It's lightweight, and the sound is in the language of Ducati, arousing. As the weekend ahead remains in full sunshine, warm and 21 degrees, I'm going to ride, ride all weekend. This to learn the bike more; put some kilometres on the Pirelli's that came with it. Its the only way I can get to know him. Sunday I'll head far North to our famous Algonquin Park. It's a special place and an old favourite of mine--I've not visited for near 20 years, a beautiful ride. I might just see a black bear or moose. Next time you're here, I'll share the photos--and mesmerize you.

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Anonymous said...

You have already mesmerized me you fox!

I think about you always "cheese head".

Best wishes, hugs and kisses.

As always,