18 October 2006

Who's The Man Behind You

What male got you into this motorcycling activity”?
This question asked to me, oddly, twice over the past month by two different people. Funny assumption--you agree? The stereo type goes on—how is it possible a female could be riding and racing motorbikes without some fellow taking credit? I appreciate the input I get from people I encounter and enjoy their views. Can’t fault them as I don’t expect everyone to understand the riding community. I realize if you have no interest in it, you can only go by what you see in media/movies etc. The feedback constantly reinforces my goals and causes me to ponder—head scratching as I refer it to when mulling questions over.

Well, I suppose in most cases its true, yet in mine it couldn’t be farther from reality. Yes I started out of my own initiative. No my father didn’t introduce me he never rode, there are no riders in my family, none of my friends had bikes, no boyfriend, no husband, no—NO. Just me. My interest, my curiosity, my decision—same with “my” racing.

Why is it still an odd happening for a female to be interested and involved in motorcycles independent of male support? Admittedly, statistics show it’s true, most females riding got into it because of a male in their lives—it’s a male dominated activity. I suppose as females we’re also guilty of the reverse (??) Lets take cooking, usually an activity associated to the female gender. We all know men who cook and enjoy it. Yet, don’t know any female who would assume he does it because some female got him into it—oh I know what your saying, mom cooked the meals when growing up---oie, can’t win!

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