4 March 2007

Montreal Moto Show

Last week at this time, I departed for home from the 3 day Montréal Moto Show. What a delight to experience the moto culture of Canada’s French city from the very busy Ducati stand. Not much different from the Toronto shows—I did sense a greater attendance and appeared, to me, there were far more females—female riders. I did expect this as Montréal has a greater rider populace.

One of the major highlights for me was meeting my Ducati 1098S for the first time—to actually climb on board. Exciting! He has that Ducati fit and feel and now, most anxiously I want to ride! A few more weeks and I’ll have delivery.

The show shared three days of great atmosphere, super pleasant people who spoke English most willingly (I did do my best to speak French) --familiar industry faces and a Sushi restaurant in the congress centre for lunch each day!
Yet one thing that’s left me puzzled — during Saturday breakfast, I was reading the Montreal Gazette newspaper (English) I came across the advert for the very moto show I was working. Within this advert, within the ad itself, bottom right hand section, a notation, stating that there will be two blood donor clinics so please donate. How strange. In the midst of promoting motorcycling, the start of season 2007 —spring around the corner and here an ad, a plea for blood donors. I think you’re with me on this one—odd ja? How can we affect the image of motorcycling while we have Canada’s show leaders / organisations allowing such an association with the activity we are so passionate about? What’s next? Funeral service promotions? I understand the logic and admittedly, I’m a realist so I get it—but come on-- is this appropriate? Picture this, family breakfast “hey honey lets go to the motorcycle show---oh, but wait a minute, give blood? Hmm, let’s go to the movie matinee with the kids instead”. Motorcyclists accept higher risk factors that go with riding—we do pay attention when we hear of bike accidents--learn from others theory. Perhaps we are more sympathetic, hence quicker to part with our haemoglobin. Was that the intent of this association? Are they playing on our empathy—our camaraderie? I sit on the fence on this one. Nonetheless, the show hosted happy, energetic attendees awaiting the end of winter to roll out on to the streets and ride.

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