15 October 2006

Last MotoGP 2006

Amazing just doesnt say it when it comes to Valentino Rossi (I've got a pic of he and I when he raced in Assen)! He put himself in the lead again for the MotoGP by winning today in Portugal! A crash knocked Nicky Hayden out of the championship lead! I gotta tell you, being on the North American side of the world now I find it so incredibly difficult to catch the MotoGP on TV--I never seem to be able to find the TV channel so I miss seeing it--watching via internet (thank goodness).

So with Rossi but 8 points in the lead, the last race is going to be fantastic--I’m sure Hayden will pull out all stops in order to get the title--so many factors influence the results--makes for exciting racing!
I’m going to call one of the only friends I know avidly watching the MotoGP here in my area--Michelle Duff and ask her again what channel I need. Funny thing, there is a lesser excitement knowing that I'm going to view the MotoGP 6 hours (on average) later than the rest of the European motorsport world has.
I miss my LIVE Eurosport broadcasts (in Dutch with my friend Frankie Weeink reporting) and the BBC networks as well...sigh.

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