11 February 2007

Testing Vintage with Michelle Duff

Fun ahead as I finished a telephone conversation with Mr. Hughes regarding testing his classic GP motorcycles on Shannonville Race Track tentatively 29/30 April—along with Michelle Duff!

Michelle has a busy year ahead—with one her highlights being returning to the Isle of Man for their 100th anniversary celebration! How exciting for her! Michelle of course wants to get some practise and training in. I feel so excited to think, to imagine, to anticipate that possibly I will share a track, do some rounds with the famous Michelle Duff--! And conceivably have the ability to follow her lines, to ride with such a truly amazing Canadian International GP racer! Wow! A happening I never thought would occur in my racing life—delirious I feel! Plus this will be my first time on a vintage racer. What an opportunity! Dave has two GP Yamaha’s -- a 1972 TR3 350 and the other a 1980 TZ350. We will also try his Honda RS125. Dave is known to the community for his restoration talents and mechanical skills —yes he too is a former racer. If the testing goes well and I’m able to fit with one of the bikes we intend to partner this year to race a few Vintage events! Exciting! Additionally, if you wish to see Michelle Duff riding—real time--in classic style I suggest you stay in touch here but plan now if logistics allow and get on up to Shannonville. This is something NOT to miss!

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