22 January 2007

A good year

So much has been happening this year—all good!
Shortly I’ll be introducing some new partners on the website! Just can’t seem to understand where time gets to. Have you noticed? The days are already longer. Soon the Ducati 1098S will arrive in Canada! MOTORESS.com is evolving and my experiences in the Canadian motorcycling market taking ever the faster line. My second Toronto motorcycle show under my belt--later in February will be the 3rd Montreal! The first show is reputed to be that of a dealer showcase—the second one, this past one named the "Supershow" was 3-5 January (now in its 31st year!) at the Toronto Airport International Centre—more of a market theme and tends to appeal to cruiser type lifestyle. I concluded a mix of 60/40 —40 being sportier types. Might have also been due to the new addition of the sport/racer hall. Motorcycle shows are always a great experience--not failing to mention receiving my award for best website in the racing category (thank you Hedy and Bar). During the show I had the chance to meet and speak with so many interesting motorcycle people—and enjoyed teaming up with local Ducati dealers in the Ducati manufacturer stand. Also met and encountered numerous special female riders--those who’d been running sport bike clubs, competing in motocross and had previously organized track days. Also chatted with females (accompanying their fellas) who’ve not yet crossed over the line on the path to learning to ride. After out chats and a twist of their perceptions, are now considering taking a rider training course. Over the 3days I had the fortune of being interviewed by 3 television station. One interview on City TV-Breakfast Television with the famed Michelle Smith—TV host of American Thunder. She seemed to have an unending line-up of fans awaiting personalised autographed poster ($10.00) for drooling males. She also promoted the sale of her unique G-String panties with detachable chains that can be worn as a necklace! It’s a funny combo— g-string, chain, necklace…things that make me go “h-m-m-m-m”.

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