31 December 2006

Last Day of 2006

Let me first start by wishing you a happy and healthy 2007. This the last day of 2006, the first time I’ve celebrated the turning of the New Year in Canada since 1989. Where’s the snow? Waiting…waiting…Toronto is having one of its' warmest winter seasons ever—as are most winter climate countries. Motorcyclists have saved on winter storage fees as the unseasonable warm weather continues to allow December riding. I recall during years past we all competed to see who would be the brave one and endure the cold as the latest rider of the year usually that was in the month of October! This season many had the pleasure of a ride even on the day before Christmas--sunny, bright, warm dry--the 24th of December!

So the New Year awaits and for me the new Ducati 1098S --anticipating that experience! Then they'll be track days, training weekends, workshops and the MOTORESS Natinal Female Ride day. Yet before spring arrives I remain hopeful for some ice racing --when the temperatures change. Now off for some ice-skating on this sunny last 2006 day.

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